25. April 2015

Die Festivaltickets an der Abendkasse sind ausverkauft!
Ab 1 Uhr verkaufen wir Tickets für die Aftershow-Party für 6 EUR (in der Annahme, dass nicht alle Festivalgäste zur Aftershow-Party bleiben werden)
The tickets for the festival (bands) are sold out!
From 1 a.m. we will sell the aftershow Party tickets for 6 EUR. (assuming that not all of the Festival guests will stay for the aftershow Party)

Das RüRo-Team

Only a few tickets left!

25. April 2015

For all guests commuting from a larger distance, please consider that there are only few tickets left and that the show will be sold out soon. We recommend to not drive to the Festival anymore, since no tickets may be available anymore.

Bei längerer Anfahrt empfehlen wir nicht mehr diese anzutreten, denn es gibt nur noch sehr wenige Tickets an der AK.

Das RüRo-Team


24. April 2015

Hier nun für euch alle wichtigen Informationen noch einmal zusammengefasst:

Here you go for the summary of all relevant information about the festival logistics:

Dear Dutch guests, please consider the german youth protection law:
Guests under 16 years are ONLY allowed to enter if they are accompanied by one of their PARENTS.
Guests between 16 and 18 years are only allowed to stay until midnight OR need to be accompanied by one of their parents. Alternatively the supervision for guests between 16 and 18 years can be transfered to another guest that is over 18 years old by using the following document that need to be signed by both, one of the parents and the person taking over the supervision. This document must be brought to the event in two printed versions. Here is the document


Saal Kamp, Schullendamm 64, 49716 Meppen, GERMANY


17:30 Uhr


AK: 13,90 EURO / 6,00 EURO (Aftershow-Party-Ticket, nach den Bands, ab 1 Uhr / after the band, from 1 a.m.)


18:00 Among The Bridge
19:00 Toycar Taxi
20:00 Flutlicht
21:05 Bollmer
22:20 Razz
23:45 Kensington
01:00 AFTERSHOW-Party

Park & Ride P+R

P+RWir werden zunächst den Parkplatz beim Saal Kamp füllen und danach ab 20 Uhr zum Parkplatz beim Schwimmbad Meppen umleiten. Die Wegbeschreibung seht ihr unten. Es werden sowohl beim Saal Kamp, als auch beim Park & Ride Parkplatz Ordner stehen. Der Preis für den Shuttle beträgt 1 EUR pro Fahrt. Der Bus wird ca. alle 15-20 Minuten fahren. Hier ist die Adresse des Parkplatzes:

We are going to use the parking area at the venue first and will move to the Park & Ride area afterwards starting from 8:00pm. Please see the directions below. Both, at the venue and at the Park & Ride area you will be assisted by guards. The price per ride is 1 EUR. The bus will leave in 15 - 20 min intervals. Here is the address of the Park & Ride area:

Nagelshof 65 (blauer Bereich / blue area)
49716 Meppen

Festivaladresse / Address of venue (roter Punkt / red dot):
Emslandsaal Kamp
Schullendamm 64
49716 Meppen